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The bountyhunter
8 days ago

Lol Sergio Perez gonna win this race with one finger in his ... nose

Ralf Lauren
11 days ago

This race Alonso will beat Verstappen mark my words!

22 days ago

I'm gonna win today and nobody will stop me

22 days ago

You were right bro

a month ago

Gosh i think Lewis Hamilton has a serious problem if Mercedes don't have the good car again this year! What will happen?

Tim Cornwall
a month ago

Ahhgrr come on already, I'm counting the days now 🤣🤣

a month ago

This season's gonna be interesting. Ferrari will prolly join the fight as well as Mercedes. Redbull Racing and Max Verstappen will have to give éverything they got. This will prolly become another EPIC F1 season

a month ago

Alpine just changed the name of their car and thats it hahahah

a month ago

LOVE the Ferrari! .... Now waiting for the Alpine

a month ago

When will Ferrari launch their car for 2023?

a month ago

On Valentines Day! February 14th. Will it be red?

a month ago

Alonso will surprice us all and win the first eight races and crown himself king once again. Oh wait, am i daydreaming again?

a month ago

Lol i think he would be capable for it if AM gives him the right car. Would actually love that scenario!! I'm also curious about McLaren's Lando Norris btw. Think he can win with the right car too

a month ago

I think this season Lewis Hamilton will fight for the dc again. With Max as main rival like 2021

a month ago

Hope this season will be tighter. Love Max but Formula 1 without competition is like a holiday without beach..